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  • The Linzey & Cross families

    “I am directly descended from both the above Enstone families and would like to share any info with other relatives especially if resident in the Enstone area.” – Alan Gray, Toronto (my mother’s maiden is Lindsey) –

  • The Eden, Gomm and Maycock families

    “I am researching my ancestors from the early to mid 1800s in Enstone Parish, Hamlet of Cleveley.  The surnames are EDEN(or EATON), GOMM and MAYCOCK.  My great-grandfather was Thomas EDEN born March 1, 1842.  His parents were Thomas EDEN (1811-1847), shepherd and Elizabeth GOMM (1815-1850).  Elizabeth was the daughter of James GOMM (1787-1856) higgler, and Ann MAYCOCK (1792-1868).  James GOMM (1787) also had a son named James (1827-1892).  He married Sarah SAVAGE and one of their daughters was Sarah GOMM (1849-?)  She was my great-grandmother having married her first cousin Thomas EDEN (1842-1906) mentioned above. That they were first cousins was a surprise to us.   This means that James GOMM Snr. and Ann MAYCOCK are doubly my 3rd great grandparents. Thomas EDEN was a chemist at 14 St. Aldate Street in Oxford.  We know that several of Thomas and Sarah’s children emigrated to Australia in the early 1900’s.  My maternal grandmother Violet EDEN emigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1920.  Her twin sister May EDEN lived in the Nottingham area, married to Courtney PIPER, a school headmaster.  I would be happy to hear from anyone who is descended from these families.” – Stephanie Lever, Toronto, Canada –

  • Lowe family

    “My great great grandparents lived in Enstone and at some point Skew Barn Cottages Radford. I am after if any knows where they lived in Enstone , they worked at Ag Lab. Jon Low and Elizabeth Low with about 7 children. I would be grateful of any help” – Jayn Baker (nee Lowe) –

  • Artiss, Rose, Drinkwater Taylor families

    “Hello there, I have been tracing my family tree and it seems a large percentage of my family were from Enstone, William Artiss 1759, Ann Rose 1761, Esther Drinkwater 1786, Stephen Taylor 1827, Ann Taylor 1824, Mary Taylor 1861, and others from Chipping Norton, Oxford and Eton. Could you possibly give me a contact regarding tracing these folk and their lives?” – Sarah McDonald –

  • Akers family

    “My great grandfather was Edward Akers who was born in Enstone in 1881 and he left the area to work in London as a valet. He married Alice Louise Hill in 1914. They both left domestic service in the 1930’s and moved to Newquay in Cornwall to run a hotel.They both died in the 1950’s. I would like to know more re our family history and would be grateful for more info. to enable me to go back another generation. I believe Edward’s parents lived next door to the church and were called Edward and Mary Akers. All help gratefully appreciated. Many thanks.” – Margaret Hissey –