About Enstone

The parish of Enstone is one of the largest in Oxfordshire, situated 15 miles north-west of the city of Oxford. The parish includes the villages of Church Enstone and Neat Enstone and the hamlets of Lidstone, Fulwell, Cleveley, Gagingwell, Radford, Broadstonehill and Chalford. The A44 Oxford to Stratford road passes through Neat Enstone at the centre of the parish.

Enstone was originally recorded as Henestan in the Domesday Book of 1086 and as Enestan and Ennestan in records held at Winchcombe Abbey from 1185. Although there are differing views on the origins of the word Enstone, it is generally thought to be of Anglo-Saxon origin. The general consensus is that the word originates from Enna’s stone – ‘Boundary stone of a man called Enna’, although there is also the view that the words ent and stan literally mean giant stone. These both appear to refer to the Hoarstone situated at the corner of the Charlbury Fulwell road, where hidden amongst the trees there are three standing stones, the remains of a chambered long barrow. The tallest stone is almost 3 metres high above ground level. There are other stones in Lidstone, Broadstonehill and not far from here in Rollright.

Also located in Enstone at Whiteways Technical Centre is the site for the Lotus F1 Team formerly known as the Renault F1 Team. The Lotus F1 Team Heritage Centre houses some of the team’s most significant F1 machinery of the past 30 years, while the state-of-the-art Computational Aerodynamic Research Centre houses cutting-edge presentation facilities in addition to some of the sport’s most advanced technology research tools. The Centre also offers unique conferencing opportunities for groups ranging from 5 to 120 people. The team’s facilities also include unique F1-related activities, including pit-stop simulations, reaction tests and a fully-fledged F1 simulator that can add a touch of competition and teamwork to your event.


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